Page 300! Three hundred. The BIG 3-0-0. It kinda crept up on me. Every page and cover has its share of troubles, but I always manage to trudge along, finish them, and move on to the next. *raises a glass* Here’s to the next 300!

On to health news. My ultrasound went well and the results came back with no issues. (Huge sigh of relief!) So the bacterial infection I have is called H. Pylori, and it’s actually more common than I thought. 50% of the world’s population is said to have this bacteria, and most don’t have any problems with it. I’m almost certain I’ve had this for years (I always called it IBS), but the symptoms didn’t get worse until last month. I just thought I had issues with lactose and maybe gluten, but even avoiding those foods didn’t help. Oddly enough, even hunger seemed to trigger an “attack” of severe abdominal pain. I didn’t have most of the symptoms listed, but a blood test caught the issue. You can even buy test kits for this on Amazon. So yeah, it’s a common thing. I’m also looking at foods and drinks that help with this particular bacteria, since they say that 20% of those who get treated will get it again. :O

Another bad thing about this, I have to avoid spicy foods. Nooooooo!!!! My Deadly Skull hot sauce will have to wait.