Finished! It’s probably obvious that I missed last Thursday’s update as well as this past Tuesday, so I apologize for that. This page… this page made me question why I was making this comic in the first place. I get too swamped with the littlest of details and I stop having fun almost halfway through, but I finally finished it–I can breath again. It’s also obvious that I must switch to a weekly update. I plan for it to be temporary until I can start to rebuild my buffer. I think Thursday is a good day. At least that gives me one week to work on the next page, and at the rate I’ve been going, I *may* finish it by then.

Oh wow, there are so many “I”s in that paragraph. Let’s see if I can avoid them in the next one.

Mentioning how swamped this makes me feel, along with losing the fun, doesn’t mean an end to all of this. At times like this when questioning the decision to use color, rather than black & white, looking back always helps to solidify that choice. Experimenting will happen soon, and with that, this artist will look to new ways of having fun and perhaps rebuilding that wonderful, incredible, spectacular buffer. My eyes can see it now; pages and pages queued up for a steady stream of biweekly updates. What a glorious day it will be!

Now in other news (the “I”s are back, by the way), it’s looking like I will be living with my grandmother soon. She needs someone to stay with her these days, and I’ve been officially asked to do so. But what does this mean for the comic? Personally, I don’t want to move my computer to her house. If I’m going to be there to keep her company and be that caretaker, I don’t want to be sitting at a desk. I had hoped to have a tablet by now (a Surface Pro 2 or something to draw on), but that whole money thing and not having it is still looming around me. A tablet would offer more flexibility; I could sit anywhere and draw whenever I had the chance. Then again, she lives only 10 minutes away, and it was mentioned that I could stay with her during the day and come home at night. That would give me a few hours a day to draw. I may also have weekends to myself, as well. All of this, however, is still up in the air.

Personal stuff is happening, but I will never stop working on the comic.