Sorry the page is late. I started timing myself to see how long it actually takes me to finish a page. I grabbed this handy counter from and set it to Manga Studio, so whenever I worked, it kept track of my time. And how long did this page take from start to finish? 24 hours. *collapses* I really wish I could finish a page a day (maybe 6-8 hours), but those 24 hours were spread out over the week. (I can only sit at this desk for short periods of time before my back starts hurting.) I’m going to start using the Pomodoro Method to see if that will help me. The basic idea for this method is to work for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break, then back for 25 more mins. There’s a little more to it, though, but that’s the gist.

Also, I’m planning to get a better desk and chair in the future. My current desk was built well before computers became commonplace. And my chair is a cheap department store POS. So anything I get will be an upgrade.