This page was fun to work on. I think I’ve mentioned before about using flashbacks as an excuse to experiment with techniques. Though I wanted this segment of the story to feel more “painterly” or loose, some of my old habits started to creep back in. I even had to redraw the tree bark on the first panel since it started to look too much like my photo reference. That’s the trap I always fall into; over-rendering.

Now onto a subject I really don’t like dealing with but need to address. Since my move, I have been given a year to actually turn my comic into a viable career. Viable career meaning, “Can I support myself by working on the comic?” Starting out, the comic was about having fun and improving as an artist. This was never about making money. It’s been a personal challenge I’m thankful I accepted. Though it’s always been about having fun, the recent move has me facing another challenge. Either I make this into a true, full-time career or possibly give it up for a full-time job elsewhere. (Most likely a retail job, since my options are limited.) While most people quit their day jobs to focus on their creative works, I’m the opposite. I may have to quit my creative works to focus on getting/keeping a day job. I knew this crossroads was coming, and I ignored it for too long. My job as a nanny is over, my job as my grandmother’s caretaker is over, but I will fight tooth and nail to keep myself from saying my comic is over.

So what now? I have received several emails with advice about advertising and ideas to make some kind of profit. But this area is all foreign to me. My mind keeps telling me, “I just want to work on the comic,” but I have to remind myself, “There will be no future for the comic if I don’t take this seriously.” One thing is for certain… The comic will always be free to read! And I don’t plan to add Ads to the site either. People have urged me to do so in the past, but I’m stubborn. I like this site ad-free.

Now about my Patreon. I will admit that I’ve let it sit there without any real update since its launch, and the lack of rewards doesn’t help. I have looked at other successful Patreons *cough*GrrlPower*cough* and try to gleam some ideas. Seriously, Dave, the first time I saw your monthly amount, my jaw hit the floor. I know it didn’t happen over night, but still… wow. Anyway, getting off track.

Conventions. That’s something else mentioned to me. Though at the moment, I don’t have any merchandise to sell even if I did happen to get a booth. Thinking about all of these things I get overwhelmed and want to quit even before I start. I’m a novice at everything. I went to a convention last month and was taking mental notes on what I could offer. Yup, overwhelmed.

But I guess this will be another challenge for me. (That voice in my mind is telling me I’m going to fail, “Maybe you should save yourself the trouble and quit now.”) I’ll never know what I can accomplish if I don’t at least try.

Today marks Day 1. I have a year from now to make this happen. There’s no current goal in mind, but it was suggested to me that $1,500 through Patreon would be enough to consider it a full-time job. *sigh*

If you do want to help, even if it’s just $1, it will be greatly appreciated! (Patreon)