Loose lips sink ships.

An interesting thing about adding red to this page, the onomatopoeia part (panel 4) really messes with my eyes. I bought new glasses last month, and for some reason certain colors make images look 3D. My old glasses never did this. Blues tend to be pushed back and reds leap forward. It does make images interesting, but it is a little annoying when trying to color art now. I can even turn my head side to side and the colors will “move”. When I was younger, I had a pair of glasses that did this, so I know it’s not me but rather the lenses. And now that the 60 day return/refund period is over, I’m stuck with them. These are actually the second pair I had made. The first pair was even worse. I do have contact lenses, but wearing them while using a monitor causes more eyestrain than regular glasses. With this newfound 3D power of mine, it will make coloring interesting. :D